Information about Covid 19 vaccinations

For general information about the Coronavirus vaccine and its delivery please visit the NHS Inform site:    or call the Helpline on 0800 030 8013. Please visit the above site or call the Helpline if you believe you have missed your invitation for vaccination. Alternatively, please call the local Tayside Vaccination Service on 01382 423108 for help with booking or rearranging a vaccine appointment.


NHS Tayside is now offering a drop-in vaccination service at Dewars Centre, Perth for patients who meet the following criteria:

Anyone over 16 who has not yet had their first vaccination, or anyone whose first vaccination was given 8 weeks or more ago is welcome to drop-in to Dewars Centre, Perth on the following dates:

Monday 30/8/21 - Sunday 12/9/21  10.00am - 5.00pm.


Vaccine Status Scheme

There is now a system in place to allow patients to request their vaccination status online and obtain a paper record.  For patients who are not online, there is an option to request a paper copy to be sent in the post by calling the Freephone Covid Status Helpline.

The link to follow is 

or alternatively, the Helpline number is 0808 196856.

The Scottish Government advice is that only those planning to travel to a country or territory where a record of vaccination status is needed as an entry requirement should download the record or request it. While there are no countries currently requiring vaccination status to travel, international travel restrictions can change quickly requiring such measures to be in place.

As Scotland's vaccination programme progresses, vaccination status will be replaced by digital Covid Status Certificates, which will include vaccination and testing data to be used for outbound international travel. This will hopefully be in place by September. 

We will keep patients updated of any new changes.

The Scottish Government requires General Practice and other healthcare settings to have different infection control and physical distancing guidance to other places such as hospitality and shops.  This is to help reduce the risk to practice staff and to people attending the practice who may be at greater risk if they catch Covid19. From 19/7/2021 (when we go into Level 0) the following rules will still apply in General Practice:

Wearing of face coverings by patients and the public (unless you are exempt)

Physical distancing of 2 metres in waiting rooms

Contact your practice by telephone in the first instance

Wearing of PPE by staff

Screening of all patients for Covid 19 symptoms

Please support Comrie Medical Centre by complying with this guidance


Everyone in Scotland is now able to request a Covid Test. Asymptomatic patients who are requiring testing should go to NHS Inform at the link below and follow the online instructions to order LFD tests to be delivered to their home.  If patients prefer, they can call 119 and request tests in this way.

Comrie Davidsons pharmacy now has a supply of lateral flow tests for asymptomatic patients.


Secondary Use of GP Identifiable Data

We have had some queries from patients concerned that they have heard via national and social media that, unless they opt-out, their GP medical records will be shared with 3rd parties. Please be reassured that this measure is ONLY applicable to patients in NHS England. There are no non-clinical data sharing policies currently being discussed in Scotland.

 Comrie Medical Practice is committed to supporting our patients and staff in providing the best possible care.  To enable us to do this, we have made the decision as of Monday 16 March 2020 to postpone all non-urgent appointments and services. 

If you have developed a continuous cough or a high temperature over 37.8 degrees, or are experiencing breathlessness, or a sudden loss of smell or taste, but are managing these symptoms, we advise you to self-isolate at home for either 7 days (if living alone) or 14 days (if living with others) in line with national guidance.  If you are unwell with these symptoms, then please phone the Medical Centre for telephone triage and assessment by a GP.

For general Covid 19/Coronavirus information regarding contact tracing, testing, isolating, or any other queries, please go to the NHS inform website at:   and follow the link regarding Test and Protect.

To reduce the footfall into the Medical Centre, we ask only patients with booked appointments to attend.  Please order your prescriptions over the phone, online, or post through our letterbox.  Any enquiries or requests, please call the Medical Centre instead of attending.

We are trying to keep the number of people entering the Medical Centre to an absolute minimum whilst we are in this phase.  The reason for doing this is to minimise the chances of anyone working or attending the practice catching the virus. 

Please click on the link below for the latest information regarding GP practices and services during this pandemic:


It is important for all our patients to know that we are very much open for business.  If you contact the Practice for an appointment with either the GP or Practice Nurse, you will receive a phone call to determine whether you need to be seen in person, or if your problem could be dealt with on the phone, or by video call. 

There is more information regarding Video Consultations on our Clinics & Services tab. If you are offered a video call by the clinician, the link to access at your appointed time is:

We are all living in changed and perhaps worrying times, but as always, we are here for our patients and we very much want our patients to contact us if they have concerns. We will aim to keep you updated throughout each stage of this pandemic.

On Wednesday 31 March 2021, Dr Phil Tipping retired from Comrie Medical Centre after 21 hard-working years.  Everyone wishes him all the best in the next chapter of his life. We welcome Dr Clare Cadogan as a permanent partner at Comrie.  She will be familiar to many of our patients, as she has been at Comrie on many occasions covering for annual leave.



We would like to inform patients that our 2 contact email addresses have changed.

To contact the Medical Centre with a general query, the new email address is:

To contact the Medical Centre with a repeat prescription request, the new email address is:


Face coverings became mandatory in Scotland on public transport on 22/6/2020, and from 10/7/2020, the use of face coverings has also become mandatory in shops. We would request that any patients attending for appointments at the Practice wear a face covering.  In keeping with guidance issued to practices across Tayside, Comrie Medical Centre will not be providing letters of exemption to patients who feel they cannot tolerate wearing a face covering. 

For further advice and information regarding exemptions, please follow the link below:

or view the up-to-date information from the Scottish Government below

Face Covering Exemption Cards


Comrie Medical Centre is now able to offer patients consultations directly with a physiotherapist to discuss specific muscular and joint issues. Please see the Clinics & Services tab above for more information, or ask one of our Reception Team.


The following dates are Public Holidays. 

On public holidays we are only open for pre booked appointments in the morning - All telephone calls on these dates will be transferred to NHS24:

Monday 5 April 2021

Monday 12 April 2021

Monday 3 May 2021

Monday 31 May 2021

Monday 26 July 2021

Monday 11 October 2021

Monday 27 December 2021

Tuesday 28 December 2021

Monday 3 January 2022

Tuesday 4 January 2022

If you require urgent attention during this time please dial 111.



Pharmacies across Scotland are now able to offer treatment for certain conditions without the need to make a GP appointment.  If you have a minor illness, a pharmacy is the first place you should go for advice.  You do not usually need an appointment, and you can go to any pharmacy.  Your pharmacist can give you advice for a minor illness, and medicine if they think you need it. You can use NHS Pharmacy First Scotland if you are registered with a GP practice in Scotland or you live in Scotland.

More information about the range of conditions that can be treated by NHS Pharmacy First Scotland can be found at and , or alternatively, speak with your local pharmacist. 

Action on Hearing

Are you deaf or hard of hearing?  Do you wear a NHS hearing aid?  Come to our free local drop-in to find out about:

  • Fitting new batteries and tubing (we are unable to re-tube OPEN FIT aids).
  • Caring for and getting used to your hearing aids.
  • The different services that can help you.
  • Information on equipment that can help you.
  • On-hand help and support from different services.

Please contact the Information Line on: 0808 808 0123 or visit

There is now a Drop-in Clinic running at Crieff Community Hospital on the 1st Wednesday of every month 1.30pm - 3.30pm








National Support Services

Scottish Recovery Consortium:

0141 226 1662

Scottish Drugs Forum:

0141 221 1175

{Naloxone information is available

On this site}

Project Contact Details! : 01738-6262442.

Tulloch Net; covers Tulloch: 01738-562731.

Samaritans: 01738 626666 or 0845 909090.

CATH: 01738 633077

Al-Anon: 0141 339 8884

Local Recovery Groups:

PAST can be contacted by e-mailing or calling: Tony on 07428297035.

INSPIRAL can be contacted at or calling: 01738-626242.

Family Support can e-mail or calling: 07784912050


Challenge Two!

The Ghost of Winter Weather:

Talk with your worker, find out what happens in case of bad weather, to your script, your attendance requirements etc!

Surviving The Challenges!

What can you do to survive this time of year:

Plan out what you have to do over the next few days/week.

Remember there is support out there for you. (please seek support if you need it)

Talk over the challenges with your workers, friends and family.

Survival Helplines!!!

AA: 0845 769 7555

NA: National Helpline: 0300 999 1212

National Helplines Organisation: (Has the list of all helplines you requires)

Christmas Things!

If you ain’t the Baa Humbug type:

Go out and see the Christmas Lights and attractions.

Go for a walk and look at the shops, you really don’t need to buy anything.

Look out for free events, like Carol Singing.

Check out what is happening at the local churches and community centres.

Go to the Library and stock up on books DVDs things to keep you going.

The Natural Beauty!

Perth & Kinross, is certainly one of the most beautiful area’s of Scotland, wrap up and enjoy the winter scenes.

Make a wee list of things you want to do, check out the Library notice boards for events

Make sure you are aware of transport issues; check with Travel Line on 0871 200 2233 or to check any disruptions.

Attending Meetings!

If you are attending AA or NA meetings (or any support meetings), phone the contact person and see if you can share transport with other people. NA now meets in Perth on Friday Evenings.

Plan ahead for the holiday stop dates!

Things to Do!

You can do things like make your own Christmas cards, like the old Blue Peter style.

Have a film night, invite friends along get a DVD and watch, get a musical and sing-along.

Have a theme round the film "Rocky Horror Show" It’s you party!!!!

Share food get together around a friends house, all bring something or make something to eat! Try baking! You never know.

Families Continued!

Do outings in groups with friends, the movies or a theatre night.

Go for a group walk, or go swimming at the local pool.

Remember talk it over, share ideas, the more fun the better.

Things to do on your own!

Yes you can have a good time on your own! Watch a film that makes you laugh.

Listen to your favourite music.

Pamper yourself with a nice long soak in bath salts.

Relax and don’t get stressed, do things that make you chill.

Eat your favourite food, treat yourself to a selection box.

Make the house look Christmassy, get a wee theme going.

Stay Clean; Stay Sober.

The final ghost you might have to tackle, plan to beat this.

Take a friend who will stay sober and ask them to get you to leave if you are going to drink at a party.

Be in a safe place where people respect you and not encourage you to drink or take drugs.

Take your own soft drinks with you.

You're in Charge This Christmas!

Plan your visit, tell people you have to be away early.

If you feel that someone might be at a party that might upset you or tempt you to drink or take drugs, it really is best to avoid the party

Remember you might have changed, but people at the party might not have

Remember you stay in control.

General Hints

Have enough food in the house and plan for the shops closing.

Have food that can last over a few days, chicken!

Make soup keep it in the fridge this will last a good few days.

Make sure you have your medications as well as stocks of the cold and flu remedies that we all need at this time.

Don’t forget some fruit and veg!


We could rant on, but the advice is:


Get Key Dates:

Find things to do:

Talk with family and friends:

People care, but look after yourself.

Christmas can be a good time, try and make this so, for yourself.

Be strong, if you have a problem, seek support, visit a support group: NA or AA.

Have yourself a very merry Christmas! One that you are in control of.


These are personal & individual but can I be so bold as to suggest.

Find out more about Naloxone, you could save a life.

Join the growing Recovery Movement in Perth & Kinross. We are developing a Recovery Forum, get your voice heard.

If you have a Smart Phone get the U-Turn App! It can save a life.

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